Indian Ocean part I (June 2013)

On our first leg of the Indian Ocean, we learned why it is renowned for being a tough ocean to cross. A few days in and we were missing the smooth and easy going Pacific rolling.
We found ourselves facing sea and weather at full force. Waves jerking us from side to side in strong and stormy winds, with a night fully illuminated by lightning. On this night, the darkness was continously torn by electrostatic power, a raw and angry sky.

After the storms came rainy days, but luckily, after 2 weeks sailing, including a few sunny days, we reached the beautiful lagoon of Cocos Keeling.

Before the storm...

After the storm: an exhausted passenger.

wild bird catering

Le Maméju B&B

A welcome rest

The reward of the storm was here...

Tourist day

West Island

The co(a)st of freedom


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